About Jeff


Jeff currently lives in Guelph, ON, CAN. His songwriting resume spans across genres including rock, folk, country and adult contemporary. Jeff also plays live cover shows for all atmospheres that include music from the 60s to the present day in all genres.

Personal Info

  • 519-780-7282
  • music-at-jeffflanagan.com
  • jeffflanagan.com



Jeff writes songs for movie/T.V. and other artists in a range of genres.

Pub/Restaurant Entertainment

Jeff will put together a show that will keep your patrons drinking into the wee hours of the morning. His pub shows consist of a wide range of artists from the 60s to the present day..

Private Event Entertainment

Jeff can be booked for a number of private events including weddings, parties and community hootenannies!

Upcoming Concerts

Stay Tuned!